Abram Petrovich

Stolen as a boy of 7 years old from his Home in Eritrea or Ethiopia(even he wasn’t sure where). It looked as if he would just be another nameless victim to that blight on human history that we call slavery. The Ottoman Turks where not known for treating their slaves with any bit of leniency. Yet if it was the goddess Fortuna who selected him out of thousands to be a peace gift for the great Russian Tsar Peter, then it was his sharp intelligence and surprisingly cunning military aptitude that first endeared The Great to the Slave.

He followed Peter on most of his campaigns. Peter even became the boys Godfather when the Emperor decided to have the boy baptized. Seeing his potential Peter sent him to learn the art of war in France. The young Moor, as he was so often called, distinguished himself very quickly as an engineer and a cunning artillery man. He even fought in French wars against Spain. The French made him a captain. He went back to his adopted home and became a military engineer, and remained a sensation in the Moscow court. After his great patron and adopted father died he fell out of favour with the new Tsar, who exiled him to Siberia. Still Fortuna had not forgotten our Moor and he was brought back when the Tsar died early. The new Tsarina(Empress) made him a Major-General and a Prince of the Russian Empire!

All this and he was never technically ever freed in his lifetime! The Slave Prince of Russia. He died a National hero and a inspiration to many future Generals( He Tutored Alexander Survorov, Russia’s greatest General and inventer of “shock and aw”. His Grandson was the Great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

His tombstone effigy reads “Fortune has changed my life entirely. ”


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